A Common drive towards healthy life

A Common drive towards healthy life

When we talk about the impact, we are also reflecting on the person who took up the drive or led the initiative. This type of leadership introduce the culture of learning and implementing. Anjanli Vaman is one such example of women leadership where she not only learnt the benefits of nutrition in our life style but her facilitation helped to replicate the same with 150 families.

Kalwadi is 85 km from Pune is one of the remote village of Junnar district. Being remote is constrain in accessing many resources, but for people who want to do something better there is nothing as such constrain in utilising its own limited resources in best possible manner, and setting example for outer world.

Story of Kalwadi is some way similar, here with the facilitation of women leader community have established their kitchen garden. They are sustaining these gardens by homemade products. Community awareness and community action on nutrition drive has played a major role in establishing kitchen garden.

Kalawadi is selected as modal village, this is because of the community which is active partner in development process led by the Panchyat and other non-profits. Kalawadi panchayat under the leadership of Anjali is one of the proactive panchayat of the Junnar Block. There are several Ngo projects running Kalawadi, among all Sakal Ngo is working for agriculture and community development.

Just like in other villages after attending the block level RNG training, anganwadi worker has establish the RNG, but the villagers were not aware about the activity. Sakal Ngo representative had once attended the Reliance training and they knew about RF working on agriculture best practices. So they informed panchayat about RF work and the standing example was RNG in Anganwadi.

Sarpanch Anjali was convinced with the idea and she convinced other members to organised one meeting cum training on RNG and check the interest of the people.

PRI members decided to conduct a training on chemical free farming and nutrition gardening. Training was organised, resource person from RF conducted the training. Training was inspiring the participant, after the training forty families were ready to develop nutrition garden for them.

Now, the time was to implement the plan starting from the designing and providing best inputs. So, three SHG came forward to help the families in designing along with this three group took the charge of making three different soil nutrient enhancement supplement – Jeev Amrut, Bio-Slury, Parne ark.

Apart from this SHG also procured raizobium, on provided families of 5 Rs. extra on market price.

Today in Kalwadi there are more than 100 functional RNG’s out of which 45 were made in backyard and rest preferred in field. According to the families they are saving approx. 300-400. With all the nutritive input RNG flourish eleven month.

Shared by Sarpanch “Kalwadi was a modal village in many fields, RNG added one more feather in its cap”. We have develop Nutrition Garden in our Village and in this activity we save more than 50,000 Rupees for month.


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