Book Reading is a Serene Way to Wisdom…

Book Reading is a Serene Way to Wisdom…

This pandemic has surely taken a 360-degree turn with education and working systems. Everything has leaned on to be more and more digitalized. While the whole world is advancing and transitioning their way into digital, most of rural India is still struggling to have schools and libraries. With the help of this project, we will be able to provide a library with educational books, periodic tables, audiobooks, storybooks, and life skill books to more than 1000 underprivileged students of rural regions in Pune so that they may be able to develop their educational standard. This initiative will help marginalized children to get better opportunities to be educated, have a future to think about, work in a company with a decent salary, and to contribute to the development of society. We believe that children have the right to dream and by filling the libraries with books at their schools, we give the minds of these children the opportunity to take wings. Join us to help these children get the magic of reading books.

Every work has obstacles and in this case, the challenge here is that more than 50% of the children in primary schools in India cannot read (finding from ASER Report). Economic priorities mean children from low-income environments have little to no access to books at home. This immense reading deficit comes from a variety of reasons, one of them being the lack of reading material in school. Without easy access to books, children struggle to learn to read and practice their reading skills. Without the availability of books in school, how can these children progress? 

With every obstacle comes a solution! Where there is a will, there is a way! By collecting books to build a library for 200 underprivileged school students will help them to get equal opportunities for education. Through child-friendly books and a structured framework and monitoring process, our library program will bring the joy of reading to the classroom and help improve reading in native and English language. This library will become their sole resource for reading material and improving their knowledge about various things and topics. 

Long Term Impact
Building a children’s library is an impact based initiative to rejuvenate school education and create a knowledge-based society. Readers are Leaders and Leaders are Readers. Each library will serve hundreds of children for more than a decade as new books are added annually. The library will help in developing cognitive skills and abilities in children and overall help in achieving the SDG goal 4 of quality education to some extent.

We request each one of you to participate in this activity by just donating a storybook for the ‘students in need’ in Toranasagar Secondary school, Block – Velhe District – Pune because, you are not only building a library, you’re building beyond books, you are building a future for them. 
We are very happy with the response we have gotten so far! We have received a donation of more than 500 books from people across Pune which includes book lovers, book cafes, and book clubs. Let us continue to donate books for these underprivileged children as this is just one library that is being built, there are many such schools around that are still without these books and libraries. Children will need our’s and your support to continue filling their lives with knowledge and education. 


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