Save Children from Dying of Malnutrition in the Nandurbar District

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About the Organization:
Gayatri Foundation Nandurbar, Maharashtra was established in 1992 and has dedicated the past two decades to serving the communities of the Nandurbar and Dhule districts. The organization has been actively involved in diverse areas such as watershed development, social development, women's empowerment, and agricultural development.

Lack of Food: A Grave Concern for Children

The prime issue plaguing the Nandurbar district in Maharashtra is the lack of development, which has led to several human development problems. The district has a significantly low human development index, with per capita income and child nutrition being well below the state and national averages. The area is known for its high incidence of child deaths due to malnutrition, and despite several ongoing programs, the situation has remained largely unchanged for the past decade.

One of the major factors contributing to malnutrition is the lack of access to a balanced diet. Local surveys have shown that around 70% of vegetables are not readily available, leading to a significant dietary challenge. This, in turn, worsens the malnutrition problem.

Additionally, the lack of income-generating opportunities in the area exacerbates the situation. Agriculture is mostly rainfed and subsistence-based, with low productivity levels. There have been no efforts to develop other local income-generating opportunities, leading to a mass migration of people to industrial and cash-crop areas. The depletion of forest resources has also contributed to the sorry state of events. It is estimated that more than 50% of families in the region migrate to other places in search of livelihoods but with no guarantee of what fate they may meet in newer surroundings.

Saving Young Lives From Taking Their Final Breaths

The primary goal of the Gayatri Foundation is to address the issues of malnutrition and migration by supporting needy and impoverished families in the villages. One way to achieve this is by providing kitchen gardens and improved seeds as demonstration plots, which can benefit the beneficiaries by providing them with a sustainable source of food.

Any surplus vegetables can be sold in the local market, further improving their economic situation. Additionally, implementing dam closure works on the agricultural land of the beneficiaries can enhance the fertility of their soil and increase their income. This, in turn, can create employment opportunities in the village, reducing the need for migration.

The project can also provide support in the form of improved seeds, financial accounts, and agricultural tools to help increase their income, but all of this needs your valuable help!

Impact :
Implementing this scheme in the village can have several positive outcomes. Firstly, improved agriculture can significantly increase the income and employment opportunities for the beneficiaries, leading to a reduction in migration.

This can ultimately contribute towards poverty reduction in the region. Additionally, increased income can enable families to prioritize education, leading to an increase in literacy rates in the community.

Primary Cause :
Malnutrition in children.

Project Location(s):
Dhadgaon Tal. Dhadgaon Dist. Dhadgaon

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