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Skilling in organic farming for Self Help Groups

MITRA Foundation

About the Organization:
MITRA stands for Mission of Integrated Training on Rural and Agriculture Development.MITRA Foundation has been tremendously struggling and contributing towards legal rights of the poor, children, women and underprivileged people and resolved the injustices with them democratically specially in self employment and agriculture allied activities. MITRA Foundation is engaged since its inception in search of new strengths, ways, thoughts and powers that will destroy the traditional ways of earning livelihoods prevailing at all levels of the society. The organization was established in the year 2013 with the lead role and initiatives in mobilizing poor women in self help groups and enhancing their leadership qualities.

Various Government Implemented schemes are aimed at improving the living conditions of the poor by directly involving the people. Still livelihood is the major problem for poor people.
The main problems of the target area that affects the beneficiaries are mentioned below at three levels -
1. People Level:
a) Traditional norms and values discriminate against the participation of women in decision making in family and community.
b) Women in rural area have low levels of education and the division of labour discriminates against women.
c) Workload of women in rural area has increased and forced many women to work as agricultural labours and other types of unskilled employment in addition to their heavy workload.
2. Process level
a) Lack of skills in agricultural development activities.
b) Lack of knowledge on scientific agriculture.
c) Lack of information and capacity on alternative livelihood options.
d) Middle man exploitation and unable to access directly market.
3. Policy and Institutional Level:
a) Lack of access to government livelihood entitlements viz. Public Distribution System, Pensions and other social security systems and poor implementation of government schemes at grassroots level.
b) Poor women participation in Panchayat Raj System (PRI) and other governance systems.

We are planning following activities to conduct -
Activities regarding Community Mobilization:
1. Conducting village level baseline survey and PRA exercises to collect detailed information of villages.
2. Meetings with community members to give them orientation about SHG.
3. Formation of SHGs in all the villages.
4. Training on group dynamics.
5. Training on leadership development
6. Training on accounts and book keeping.
Activities Regarding Livelihoods:
1. Procurement of Vegetable seeds for promotion of kitchen garden
2. Training on Scientific Agricultural vegetable cultivation to poor farmers
3. Training on Organic farming on vegetable cultivation to farmers
4. Promotion of alternative livelihood opportunities for women like grocery shops and other micro enterprises
5. Vocational skill building on alternative livelihood opportunities.
6. Capital support to start alternative income generating activities will be provided like dairy farm, Goat farm and poultry farm.
Activities Regarding Training:
1. Workshop on government livelihood entitlements to increase knowledge on the existing schemes
2. Seminar on Right to Information Act. Right to Information Act is enforced by the Government of India in 2005
3. Networking with financial institutions to establish and increase micro-credit linkages for SHG. Apart from financial institutions, the project will coordinate with Block and District.

Primary Cause:
Lack of unity among rural poor, develop course and community development activities material and trainings etc.
Project Location(s):
Solapur district (Barshi block)

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