Daan Utsav

Daan Utsav

#DaanUtsav is celebrated every year in the month of October where people from various areas perform acts of kindness by giving their time, material, or money in interesting ways to any cause(s) they believe in.  

The Problem – The pandemic this year has really hit so many lives across the world. The schools are shut and the only way to keep the education going on is by being digitally available. 

The Cause – All those children living in rural areas have been really affected by COVID19 massively in a way where they have no access to digital devices. As you all know how important education is to survive and achieve something in order to give us a good understanding of what is happening across the globe and help us get great opportunities for a better future.

The Solution – Together we can be the reason to bring a smile on a child’s face. Would you like to know how? By giving rural students access to digital devices to learn from home during this pandemic. Donate generously to make a difference & contribute towards creating a shared vision of India built on the foundation of empathy, collaboration, and hope. Every donation will help in ensuring that each child is happy and gets the childhood they deserve. As Jackie Chan says “Sometimes it takes only one act of kindness and caring to change a person’s life.”  Why not apply that and help the children who need it the most.

Device for All & Education for all.


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