Arrive Safe Road Safety Awareness Program
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Arrive Safe Road Safety Awareness Program

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Road safety is an issue that affects everyone in India. We all need to use the roads to get around – to school, to work, to the doctor, to the shops, to the cinema. Most of us use the roads every day, as drivers, passengers, cyclists and pedestrians, and for many people driving is the main part of their job. It is essential therefore, to ensure that, as far as possible, we can all use the roads safely. The human and economic damage caused by road crashes is largely preventable. Lack of knowledge and awareness regarding road traffic rules and regulations, violation of traffic rules, flaws in road design and engineering, along with driver behavior, can be overcome with concerted effort.As the road user error is believed to be a factor about 82.4%* of all road accidents, improving road user behavior should always be priority. With the view to educate and influence the general public, road safety awareness campaigns are needed.


Recognizing this, Sakal Social Foundation started Road Safety Week - Initiative from 2014 aimed towards public awareness about the traffic rules in major cities and Major congested areas of Maharashtra. Under the above program, public awareness about traffic rules is being done for seven consecutive days by showing banner, poster, brochures regarding traffic rules with the help of volunteers over the total of 25 traffic signals of large traffic in selected cities.


Because of the above initiatives , there has been a lot of awareness about traffic rules among the majority of peoples. This activity is organized only once a year. The implementing cost of Road Safety Week initiative is Rs. 3 lakh 50 thousand rupees in a one city. There is a need for financial help to organize the above activities in every city of Maharashtra.