Team Up To Clean Up Cleanliness Drive At Visarjan Ghats
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Team Up To Clean Up Cleanliness Drive At Visarjan Ghats

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During the Ganesha festival and other religious festivals in Maharashtra, there is tremendous amount of river pollution, because the devotees immerse all kinds of Nirmalyas in the river. The idols of POP and other hazardous chemicals are immersed in the river. Making these immersion spots (GHATS) severely polluted for years to come. “Nirmalya” means - God, Offering - flowers, prayer materials, decorative materials, spoiled food and fruits, etc.


Social For Action and Sakal Social Foundation started Nirmalya Collection - Awareness and Visarjan Ghats Cleanliness Campaign with the help of volunteers from the community. This campaign covered all the Ganesh Visharjan Ghats during Ganesh immersion throughout Maharashtra since 2006.


Public awareness among people has started since we has started the above activities. Most people have started to avoid immersing Nirmalya in the river. they are now handing them (Nirmalya) to our volunteers. Also, most people do not immerse God's idols in the river, they have begun using immersion tank constructed by the corporation near these immersion ghats. This activity is organized every year. The implementation cost of Nirmalya Collection & Immersion Ghats Cleanliness Campaign: initiative is Rs.3 lakh rupees in a one district. This project needs financial help to be implemented in everywhere of Maharshtra.