Teamup To Clean Up Forts Cleanliness Drive
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Teamup To Clean Up Forts Cleanliness Drive

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India has myriad heritage sites, yet few people know many of them beyond the most famous ones. Protecting all these sites is an important step in preserving India’s heritage and culture, and everybody can play a part. Sustainable tourism is another agenda that is going to help in the conservation of these heritage sites. Many heritage sites around Pune are in sorry condition. These sites get overcrowded on weekends and public holidays. The visitors throw thrash everywhere, scribble on walls and end up making these sites not suitable for other visitors.


With support from other NGO's we decided to organize field trips for active youth community of Pune. These field trips are planned to be a combination awareness, appreciations and cleanliness drive. The volunteers members are free to join us far a guided tour at one of the selected site..


More than 400 volunteers have participated in these drive with us. In 2019 we have visited 5 forts in and around Pune. The team has collected plastic garbage, fixed approach gates and spread awareness about sustainable travel to other visitors.