Enhancing Access To Education

Enhancing Access To Education

There is only one government-aided secondary school in the vicinity which the dam displaced students attend which is located in Tamhini. So along with health, education is a big question mark that requires urgent answers.  While in each village there is a Zilla Parishad primary school, there is only one secondary school in Tamhini – Vinzai Devi High School.  Children from around 40 Kilometers radius travel by ST bus to attend this school in Tamhini.  Interestingly, this is the only school in Maharashtra whose timings are set to match the ST time table!

Students from 52 villages displaced by the dam, who attend this school belong to farming and Adivasi communities, labor class as well as lower economic strata. The number of students is about 200.
Last year the Foundation distributed educational material to 200 poor students from Vinzai Devi High School. It also sponsored a library for the school and a washroom for girls. Since educational material was provided to poor students from Tamhini on schedule, both –  time and money were saved.

To help the Foundation distribute the above, it requested students, teachers, and parents from schools in Pimpri and Chinchwad to donate excess educational material belonging to them in good condition; they raised to the cause admirably.

This initiative helped children from affluent cities to realize, that as a part of the society they owe something back to it. Similarly, it helped students gracefully receive the help they got and understand their moral responsibility to pay it forward.

You too can join Sakal Social Foundation’s initiatives as donors and experience the joy of giving. 


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