General Duty Assistant Campaign

General Duty Assistant Campaign

Project: Sakal Social Foundation and Login Institutes’ joint efforts to fight the current situation! The proposed General duty assistant and Nursing Assistant courses are the need of the hour. To provide skill development training to youth aims to empower them by upskilling and enabling more employment in the healthcare sector as Nursing Assistants. Students who have cleared 8th grade can opt for this course. General Duty Assistants have a plethora of career options to choose from and upskill by taking more responsibilities as they grow. The General Duty Assistant or GDA program is designed to provide quality care to patients admitted to nursing homes and hospitals. Upon successfully completing the General Duty Assistant course, students become qualified to take the Healthcare Sector Skills Council (HSSC) competency exam. After clearing this exam, students become certified General Duty Assistants and thus work in an efficient and knowledgeable manner. Certified students start off their careers as General Duty Assistants after which they can take up the profession of Nursing Assistants. After gaining some more experience & exposure as Nursing Assistants, they can take up the job role of Supervisors, Floor Supervisors, and finally as Managers, which is deemed as a more independent job role.

The Problem: In these difficult times, it has become even more strenuous for students as they lack financial support and the adequate skills to get placement opportunities in healthcare institutions as they belong to marginalized sectors.

Our Solution: SSF will offer a scholarship to the students for providing skill-based vocational training in the healthcare sector as General Duty Assistant.

Impact: While the healthcare industry is growing rapidly in India and around the world, it faces a critical challenge i.e. the need for a professional and skilled workforce, especially in this Covid-19 era. The General Duty Assistant or GDA program is designed to provide quality care to patients admitted to nursing homes and hospitals. The minimum qualification criteria help rural, unemployed students to attend minimum schooling and plan for this course of education and future job opportunities.

Primary Cause: To provide skill development training to youths, aims to empower them by skilling and enabling employment in the healthcare sector as General Duty Assistant. The course is designed for the hospitals and housekeeping assistants who will help the Nurses in providing patient care and help and to maintain a suitable environment.

General Duty Assistant course includes:

Some of the key responsibilities of the General Duty Assistant is to provide the patient’s daily care, the patient’s comfort, safety, and health needs. Along with these responsibilities, the course will cover –

  • Basic principles of nursing
  • First aid and nursing
  • Basic treatment on fire burns, hemorrhages, allergies, banding and splinting, fermentation
  • Understanding of a thermometer, blood pressure, pulse, blood sugar
  • Treatment of bedsores
  • Techniques of shifting the patients
  • Food tube feeding
  • Collection of urine etc
  • Knowledge on accidents and poisoning
  • Sociology
  • Basic communication skills

The objective of both the Course:

  1. Selection of rural and economically backward students for educational opportunities.
  2. After successfully completing the course, arrangements can be made for students in the hospitals which are nearby to both the branches and students can be immediately be absorbed in any COVID centers.

List of Hospitals where students can apply and can be absorbed, after completion of the course:

  • Siddhi Hospital
  • Sai-Sneh Hospital – Katraj
  • Rao Hospital- Satara Road
  • Dhanwantari Hospital – Saswad
  • Mane multi-specialty hospital – Saswad
  • SantSopandev Hospital – Saswad
  • ICU Hospital – Jejuri
  • Shivam Hospital – Fursungi
  • Vishwaraj Hospital – Loni

We will need your help! Help us to help the students secure their future. We wish to increase employment, encourage upskilling, and support the health care sector as much as possible as it is the need of the hour. We are requesting you to help us in donations of the course fee for students who come from marginalized sectors with only one aim which is to offer their help in health care sectors. If you offer your helping hand in this situation, you can support their future! Let us join hands!


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