Impact Story 5

Impact Story 5

Name Of The Project: To provide 350 free computer sets to 150 schools in rural and remote areas of Pune district to offer digital education through e-learning.  

The Problem: School children in rural areas have quality and skills but cannot compete due to a lack of technical equipment, considering how everything is getting digitalized.  

Our Solution: Staying up to date is important especially with new norms and things getting digitalized!  “Sakal Social Foundation” initiative In collaboration with Sakal Social Foundation and Indrani Balan Foundation has distributed 350 free computer sets to 150 schools (including 1 or 2 primary schools and 2 secondary schools) in rural and remote areas of Pune district (mainly Velhe, Junnar, Ambegaon, Mulshi, Maval, Khed talukas) for primary and secondary schools. 

In today’s world of technology, every school is becoming digital. Against this backdrop, the distribution of computer kits is aimed at enabling school children in rural areas, especially in remote tribal areas to acquire digital education through e-learning, as well as developing schools and students in rural areas on an equal footing with urban schools and students.

School children in rural areas have quality and skills but cannot compete due to a lack of technical equipment. It is very crucial that the children, even though they stay in rural and cannot afford to have gadgets, people like us and many more are out there to support their needs and help them stay at a similar pace just like the rest of us. This creates a kind of anomaly in these students, and at the college level, these students do not turn to technical courses, so they have fewer employment opportunities in the current technological age.

If students are introduced to a digital medium through e-learning in school life itself, students will develop an interest in technology and their future will be easier, which, Sakal Social Foundation has taken the initiative to help.  

Impact: This Digital Daan program is designed to provide quality and continual education to students in the underprivileged schools of rural India. This will definitely impact the minimum qualification in rural areas and will help unemployed parents to enable children minimum schooling opportunities. Let us all contribute in every way possible for the underprivileged and unemployed parents to help their children stay at a similar pace with the rest. This will not only help them improve their skills but also develop their knowledge and provide better employment opportunities in the near future. 


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