Teaching Children about Animals with Music

Teaching Children about Animals with Music

Can you imagine educating children about compassion and peacefully coexisting with all animals in their ecosystem and teaching them about animal safety through music and movement? When you want to teach children about animals, sometimes you just have to get creative!
RESQ, TAAL Inc and Sakal NIE tied up earlier this year to conduct these sessions with children in rural and urban schools and I am so thrilled to say that we have educated over 10000 children since school reopened in June!
The RESQ and TAAL team have worked closely to create a program where children come out of the session empowered with knowledge on animals they live amongst and humming fun animal safety songs. The Sakal NIE team has been amazing by providing the channels to reach out to these children and schools through their networks. We believe there are higher chances of them remembering songs in comparison to speeches that bore them endlessly 🙂 In addition to this, NIE has also dedicated a page of their newspaper to “animal education“ which is curated by the RESQ team. This paper is circulated among lakhs of children across the state of Maharashtra.
While we actively work on helping animals in need… we believe educating the next generation is preventive action that will hopefully reduce the human-animal conflict in the future.



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