“We envision & work towards a world where every young child uses his or her creativity to nurture & develop deep, healing & life-enhancing practices, relationships & connections.”

For the year 2020, Social For Action has launched a unique initiative,  CAIT : Creative Arts In Therapy.

Our aim is to bring kinesthetic awareness in classrooms, to make learning fun, inclusive, to cater to different learning capacities of each students. Visual learners, Auditory learners & more.

The creative art therapies are six fields that combine artistic expression and psychotherapy to promote healing, wellness, and personal transformation.

Art therapy, Music therapy, Dance/Movement therapy, poetry therapy, psychodrama and Theater therapy.

These therapeutic interventions are backed by Neuroscience and have given remarkable results in creating mindfulness, enhancing body image and self-confidence, leadership skills, openness in learning and communication.

Each of the therapeutic intervention is inherently interdisciplinary, combining psychotherapy and counseling with the curative power of creative expression and communication through the Arts.

  • Art modalities promote the integration of physical, emotional, cognitive and social functioning and facilitate behavioral and personal change.
  • Music therapy and Drumming workshops are being successfully implemented in various schools, students are excited to participate and look forward to learning through music.