Sakal Social Foundation’s Educational Material Assistance Project

Sakal Social Foundation’s Educational Material Assistance Project

Mulshi taluka and Tamhini village in Pune district are known as the gateway of Konkan. Tucked away at a distance of nearly 40 km from Pune city, there is a dam of a private company in the area of Mulshi village in Mulshi taluka. The dam area covered a total of 52 villages. Due to the construction of the dam, these 52 villages and their tribals, Katkari, and other economically backward citizens and farmers were displaced. Today, on both sides of the dam, within a radius of 20 km, live farmers and tribals from those displaced 52 villages. Our subsidized secondary school is Vinjayidevi High School run by Sahyadri Shikshan Mandal at Tamhini in the perimeter of these villages. In our secondary school, a total of 200 students from the dam-affected villages, tribal, katkari, and economically backward farmers are studying. 

Last year, under the “Sakal Social Foundation”, 200 underprivileged students of Vinjai Devi High School in Tamhini have been provided educational supplies, library for the school, and toilets for girls. The underprivileged students of Tamhini were provided free educational materials which reduced their expenses and also saved their time. Apart from the school library and books on various subjects in the library, the availability of storybooks, stories, novels, historical books, dictionaries, books on English literature, etc. made the students show more interest in reading. Due to this, the students started going to the library more often and read various books. This activity also helped the students improve their lessons.

The Sakal Social Foundation’s Educational Materials Help Project and Library Visit for Schools are great initiatives. Schools and students in rural areas need the above activities & facilities in order to excel. Congratulations from us and the school to other social activities of the “Sakal Social Foundation”


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