Jivhala Foundation


Many women are financially dependent on their families and keep tolerating the injustice meted out to them. Also, there are many children from the disadvantaged sections of society or those belonging to low-income families, or those with one parent, who are deprived of education. Jivhala Foundation works to make women self-sufficient by providing them training and a source of livelihood/ self-employment and bringing the unprivileged children into the mainstream by educating them. It runs a hostel for the destitute, needy and single-parent girls completely free of cost, and shoulders the responsibility of their education. The Foundation has provided training in tailoring t 150 needy women who have become economically independent by running their tailoring businesses.

In 2017, the Foundation started Anuradha pre-primary school. So far, 250 students have passed out from this school. Currently, 120 underprivileged students and single-parent students who had to discontinue their education in the past, are studying there. During the Corona period, the Foundation noticed that many students, especially girls, had left their education midway. Most of these girls came from poor families and could not afford to stay in Pune to pursue their studies. The parents of these girls are mostly from nomadic communities and are forever moving from one place to another. So, in 2021, the Foundation started the Late Suresh Muthe residential school for girls. Now, 35 girls from disadvantaged and low-income groups from Pune city, Sangli, Nashik, Dehu Road, Alandi and Indapur are living and studying there. Jivhala Foundation provides them with free accommodation, all the necessary facilities and excellent school education.

Iron cabinets, bunk beds, and other furniture items are needed in the girls’ hostel. Funds are also required to meet the daily expenses of the girls like meals, clothes, etc. ‘Social for Action’ ran a campaign to collect funds needed by the Foundation for educational materials (e-learning set-up, books, stationery, uniforms, school bags, etc.) and physical materials (benches, sports materials) for Anuradha pre-primary school. The response was great. The funds collected through it have been handed over to Jivhala Foundation.

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