Art & Heritage Crowdfunding Platform in India

Conserving and nurturing rural heritage is a foundation for sustainable economic growth as it ensures livelihood to rural residents in their traditional habitat, and increases the pride and self-confidence of the entire community.

In the past couple of years, crowdfunding has come to India in a big way, and it hasn’t remained restricted to just NGOs or causes. From athletes to musicians, artists and even upcoming designers – crowdfunding has helped many people finance new projects and lend support to ongoing ones.

Museums and Heritage places, in fact are perhaps still to hop on the bandwagon and explore this medium of raising funds. It only makes sense, because these both are learning spaces meant for the “crowd”. In conducting even a small fundraiser, museums and heritage conservations ngos can connect with their audiences and make them feel a part of their projects.

What is Art & Heritage Crowdfunding?

It is estimated that about 70% of India's population of over one billion people lives in rural communities. Poverty remains a chronic condition for almost 30% of this rural population. Even the poorest rural areas, however, often have substantial heritage assets. These include not only monuments, sites and historic structures, but living heritage relating to agricultural techniques and products, ritual and symbolic traditions, water conservation, myriad visual and performing arts genre, mythology, languages, medicines, craft and artisan skills, and many other areas relating to intangible heritage.

But most importantly, crowdfunding is about crowd-mobilising! This is perhaps the best way to understand what audiences think of art and heritage conservation, what they want and how they champion your vision.

How Does Art & Heritage Crowdfunding works?

As crowdfunding in India continues to grow, it is also becoming an increasingly important source of finance for arts and heritage projects. As a result local authorities, institutions, public bodies and foundations have begun to explore what this new form of finance means for the people and organisations they are supporting and how they can work with the crowd on identifying and funding worthy projects.

SFA will help with opportunities to generate more funding for the arts and heritage sector or increase awareness and public participation in supporting and initiating projects.

SFA is the best place to fundraise, whether you are an individual, group, or organization.

1. Start your fundraiser

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Why Art & Heritage Crowdfunding on Social for Action?

Create an Instant fundraiser for art and heritage conservation in just five minutes and seek the support of your friends through your social network. Get an instant approval for your fundraiser from SFA! Every Little social media share can ensure a BIG change!

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With a simple on boarding process and 0% platform fees, your free fundraiser will create impact and touch lives. Start a fundraiser for free today and begin your journey of making a difference and impacting lives.

Crowdfunding Art & Heritage Projects?

Your fundraiser and support today will protect vintage art, heritage, architecture, open space, restore wildlife habitat, tourism, and help inspire and educate youth through outdoor learning, giving the next generation the opportunity to explore and enjoy the great outdoors.

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