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Innovation & Entrepreneurship Crowdfunding Platform in India

Crowdfunding has become a key research trend in recent years providing a new form of acquiring funding for innovation projects from users prior to the realization of the product in a ‘market before the market’. At Social For Action, we link the concept of crowdfunding with the user innovation phenomenon and show how user innovators harness crowdfunding to complement their innovative behavior and obtain funding to build firms and produce products in a more professional way.

Social For Action is a tech-for-good platform that provides complete crowdfunding solutions to empower individuals and social enterprises to raise funds for crowdfuning their innovation and help in supporting them in their entrepreneurship ventures or innovative products supporting social cause - be it big or small. We aim to bring together generosity with need to maximize people's potential to do well.

At Social For Action we assist, innovate, collaborate and support anyone who wants to use Social For Actions Innovation & Entrepreneurship Crowdfunding Platform to make a positive difference. On any given day, you will see Social For Action Innovation & Entrepreneurship Crowdfunding platform talking to campaigners, writing their stories, making the platform more functional, reaching out to more NGOs and disbursing funds. Social For Action believes that we can change the world - one fundraiser at a time.

What is Innovation & Entrepreneurship Crowdfunding?

You’ve put together a business plan, invested all your savings, and have been working on your idea as a side hustle for a few months. Finally, you feel like it’s the right time to take the leap and raise some real capital. Does this sound familiar?

Luckily, the bank isn’t your only option to fund your business venture these days. There are crowdfunding sites abound on the internet, and I’ve rounded up a few of the best in this post. Whether you’re funding the next hottest startup, a creative endeavor, or a caused-based organization, you’ll find a crowdfunding site below that’ll help you hit your goal quickly.

Crowdfunding is a way for small businesses or startups to raise money in exchange for equity, rewards, debt, or nothing at all. Business crowdfunding can provide you with fast access to cash, but it requires a strong promotional strategy, transparency, and possibly giving up some equity in the business.

How Does Innovation & Entrepreneurship Crowdfunding works?

Crowdfunding your next business venture can be a fast and relatively easy way to raise money. However, you should know which type of crowdfunding is best for your business and what it requires. Here are the most common types of business crowdfunding:

Equity crowdfunding: The most traditional type of funding in this list is equity crowdfunding. You sell a piece of your business to an investor or groups of investors and they provide you with the funding (capital) to move your business forward.

Donation crowdfunding: If you're a nonprofit or local business, donation-based funding might work for you. It simply requires you to create a campaign asking for donations for your business. The money is donated, and there is nothing to repay.

Debt crowdfunding: Also called "marketplace" funding, debt crowdfunding is when business owners borrow money from other individuals, instead of from a bank. You borrow at a set annual percentage rate, and loans are often structured similar to those of a traditional business loan.

Rewards crowdfunding: This is likely the most well-known type of crowdfunding. Made popular by sites like Kickstarter, funders are offered products, services, or other gifts in exchange for a set donation amount. For example, if I'm trying to fund my dog walking business, I might offer one hour of puppy snuggles to anyone who donates $50. For those donating $100, I might offer one hour of puppy snuggles plus a free grooming session.

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