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Sakal has stewarded several social initiatives over the past several decades with many of the initiatives going beyond Sakal's own regional markets, addressing needs across the country. Social impact and social change remains the core of the Sakal's beliefs even today and with this Sakal is introducing its own Crowdfunding platform - Social For Action. We belief that the role of media today has changed from being an advocate of social causes to being the facilitator or the agent of social change itself.

Recently, through the Zilla Parishad, a water storage tank with a capacity of 3 lakh liters has been constructed on the hill here and water is stored in it from a well in the Mugaon boundary. Since all the settlements are at a distance of one and a half to two and a half kilometers from this tank, even though there is water, only water is not available to the village and houses due to lack of pipeline. This often results in wasted water. Therefore, 'Sakal' has taken notice of this problem and has taken responsibility for the cost of water supply from the water tank to Mandavkhadak. For this, Newman & Issar Engineering (India) Pvt. Ltd. has helped under the social responsibility fund. As soon as this work is completed in the coming week, women will not have to carry the pot over their heads as water will be available in the house. The struggle for water at night is about to end. The villagers of Vegare-Mandavkhadak are also working hard for this work. Adjacent to Mandavkhadak are two more Wadya-Vastyas. More help is needed to carry water to these two villages. In addition, the campaign will continue to address issues related to citizens in various rural areas of the state, for which generous individuals in the community, various organizations, industrial establishments, and information technology companies are appealing to help under CSR (Social Responsibility).

In order to alleviate the drinking water problem for the people of Vegre-Mandvakhadak village in the remote area of Mulshi taluka of Pune district, 'Sakal' has undertaken the task of laying aqueducts from the water tank on the hill to the village through 'Social for Action' campaign. As a result, the women of Mandvakhadak will not have to carry the pots on their heads, and as 'Sakal' has taken notice, the villagers will now get water at home 24 hours a day. Collective support and funding are needed for the construction of waterways at Mandvakhadak and for various community-building projects in other places. Information on the waterway project at Vegare-Mandavkhadak will be available on Sakal Media Group's digital crowdfunding platform 'Social for Action'. Generous individuals in the community, information technology companies, CSR companies, and foreign-Indian citizens can provide direct online help by visiting the website https://socialforaction.com/. Receipt of the donation will be sent to your e-mail immediately after donation.

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School chale hum!

School chale hum!

Educational kit distributed to 320 needy school students by Sakal Social Foundation, Lohia Pratishthan and K&Q family

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