Medical Crowdfunding Platform In India

In India, health insurance is still an unheard-of concept for many. As per the National Sample Survey’s 75th round (2017-18), more than 80% of India’s population does not have any health insurance coverage. Even where it is availed of, there is a limit to the claim amount a patient can access. The other 2 seemingly-last options for patients & their families is either applying to various government relief funds, or to a NGO. But during the ongoing pandemic, both these options were impacted. While NGOs had to close their offices during the lockdown, potential beneficiaries were unable to reach government offices who were at the forefront of pandemic-control measures.

Since the emergence of online medical crowdfunding platforms, millions of medical campaigns have been started by people to fund their medical treatments. Sometimes, hospitals, clinics, NGOs, and universities have launched and promoted campaigns for patients to help them fund their treatment expenses. At a fundamental level, medical crowdfunding seeks to turn the crowd’s financial power into a safety net for those whom the public and private healthcare systems fail to support. Medical crowdfunding platform in India is a quick and often effective funding mechanism, offering people the opportunity of providing financial assistance to those in need with just a few clicks.

What Is Medical Crowdfunding?

In recent years, crowdfunding for medical expenses has gained popularity, especially in countries without universal health coverage. Nevertheless, universal coverage or health insurance does not imply covering all medical costs for everyone. In countries with universal coverage unmet health care needs typically emerge due to financial reasons: the inability to pay the patient co-payments, and additional and experimental therapies not financed by the health insurance fund.

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How Does Medical Crowdfunding Works?

Cancer treatment and transplant surgeries in India can cost upwards of Rs 15 lakh (1.5 million), and Modicare only covers a part of the cost. To cover the rest of the treatment cost, families often end up selling or mortgaging their assets, exhausting all their savings, or borrowing money from lenders at high-interest rates. Moreover, there are many other problems with Modicare that need to be resolved before it can reach its full potential in terms of what it promises.

Primarily, the rates set for different medical procedures under Modicare are lower than the actual cost of the treatments. The Indian Medical Association has repeatedly expressed concerns that the amounts of money being offered to hospitals to treat patients under Modicare are too low and might eventually reduce the quality of treatments provided, making it unviable for hospitals to continue offering them. Such a model is unsustainable for smaller hospitals.

Why Medical Crowdfunding On Social For Action?

Healthcare fundraisers on SFA are designed to ease the burden of a medical emergency. We give you full support so you can concentrate on the crisis at hand.

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Donations to healthcare fundraisers on GiveIndia Fundraisers are tax-deductible

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Start A Healthcare Fundraiser With Ease

Health emergencies can drain you- physically, mentally and financially. To avoid seeking financial help from your peers or the burden of a bank loan, start a fundraiser on SFA’s medical crowdfunding platform.

0% platform fees

With 0% platform fees, you get maximum use of the funds raised

Tax exemption

Donations to healthcare fundraisers on SFA are tax-deductible

Worldwide donations

With multiple payment options, donors can contribute from India and abroad

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