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About the Organization:
Jaihind Foodbank Solapur was established on August 15, 2013, by Suryatara Mahila Vikas and Social Organization. Currently, we operate under the name of "Jaihind Food Bank run by Annapurna Foundation." Our mission is to ensure that no one goes hungry, and we have taken significant steps towards achieving a "Hunger-Free India." We have celebrated the birthdays of over 200 individuals by providing food to those in need. Additionally, we have facilitated various collaborations to support ashrams, reducing unnecessary expenses and directing resources to where they are needed the most.

Our work is implemented in Maharashtra, Gujarat, and Karnataka, where we serve food to those in need, including patients in government hospitals. We have identified a crucial issue that needs immediate attention. Every day in India, 3,000 children and people lose their lives due to lack of food. It is essential to address and control this alarming ratio as soon as possible. We have observed that many patients, along with their parents and relatives, come to government civil hospitals for treatment without access to affordable food. To address this issue, we have developed a plan to provide meals to those in need.

Our goal is to serve 400 people daily, with an estimated cost of 20 rupees per person. This includes 2 chapatis, a vegetable dish or rice, khichdi, and pulav. We provide monthly food grain kits to 100 needy families. Each kit, costing 400 rupees, includes 5 kg of rice, 1 kg of dal, 500 grams of sugar, and 2 kg of atta (flour). With your contribution to JAI HIND FOOD BANK, we can directly serve these essential meals to those who need them the most.

Impact :
Over the next decade, the Annapurna Foundation's Jai Hind Food Bank has an ambitious vision to expand its operations to 10 countries and increase its organization's membership by 5 million. Our work will encompass various areas, including food, water, education, de-addiction, employment, malnutrition, environment, tourism, and more. With a strategic approach, we aim to address these issues systematically and make a significant impact. Our ultimate goal is to achieve a Hunger Free India, where no individual or family goes without access to nutritious meals.

Primary Cause :
Ending the strife for food: Serving food to those in need, including patients in government hospitals.

Project Location(s):
Solapur, Maharashtra.

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Prakash Pundalik Phalak 2023-01-29T19:20:41+00:00
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