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Gram Gourav Pratishthan
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Gram Gourav Pratishthan

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About the Organization:
Gram Gourav Pratishthan has been dedicated to support small and marginal farmers since 1974. Our mission is to ensure the availability of water, promote equitable distribution of resources, encourage sustainable agriculture, provide holistic healthcare, and develop local leadership. The organization focuses on preserving natural common property resources such as water, land, forest, and biodiversity within a village or Panchakroshi.

Their primary goal is to promote action, research, and learning from their Panchakroshi development model work. They have worked with over 65 villages within the Karha River valley in Purandar taluka to address critical issues related to water scarcity, agriculture, and healthcare. Additionally, they have also extended efforts to rain-stressed villages beyond the region, seeking to improve the lives of individuals and communities by providing access to essential resources and promoting sustainable development.

Quality Healthcare Fails To Reach Most Villages

Rural areas in India often lack awareness about disease prevention, including the need for a healthy diet and lifestyle, early diagnosis, and access to proper counselling and treatment. There is a significant need for a robust healthcare system in rural areas, particularly for women who face challenges related to nutritional deficiencies, pregnancy care, post-natal care, breast health, and child health. Additionally, there has been an increase in the number of people affected by degenerative diseases such as arthritis, as well as nutritional disorders like anaemia.

Another significant issue is the lack of awareness about the harmful effects of pesticides and fertilizers on human health, which can lead to chronic health problems. To address these challenges, there is a need to promote awareness about disease prevention, improve access to healthcare, and encourage the adoption of sustainable and healthy farming practices in rural areas- all of which can be possible with your help!

The organization aims to provide access to equitable, affordable, and quality healthcare to the villages surrounding Purandar. To achieve this goal, they plan to raise awareness about Ayurveda for prevention, early detection, and counselling through an in-house Outdoor Patient Department and Panchakarma Center.

Their vision is to create a decentralized healthcare model that can be replicated in other rural areas, connecting multiple villages and providing easy access to healthcare services. They will organize workshops and camps to raise awareness and provide guidance on various health issues such as cancer, puerperal care, child care, and geriatric care.

The organization will also encourage schoolchildren to adopt healthy habits such as 'dinacharya' and promote the plantation of indigenous species to improve the overall health and well-being of the community. Their ultimate aim is to establish a sustainable and comprehensive healthcare system that caters to the needs of the rural population.

Impact :
The organization has a monthly OPD attendance of over 100 patients and conducts two health camps in nearby villages using a mobile health van. They also organize awareness workshops on various health topics such as women's health, geriatric care, cancer, mental health, and menstrual health in schools and at their centers. The total number of beneficiaries of these initiatives is significant.

Primary Cause :
Rural wellness in terms of prevention and treatment, awareness about women health, pregnancy care, geriatric care, child health, and skin disorders.

Project Location(s):
Khalad, Saswad

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