A home for the homeless


Last year, ‘Sakal’ started ‘Social for Action’, a digital platform in the form of a website, to get crowdfunding for the activities of social service organisations working in various fields in Maharashtra. In the course of the year, it helped eight voluntary organisations complete their activities by giving publicity to their philanthropic work and get them funds for their noble causes. One of them was Prarthana Foundation.

At Morvanchi in Solapur district, young couple Anantamma Krishnaiyya and Prasad Mohite run a project called ‘Vanchitanchi shala – Ek paaul pragatikade’ (School for the deprived – a step towards progress) for the destitute, homeless and beggar children as well as those from low income groups. ‘Sakal’ had published an article on this couple in its ‘Samajbhan’ column. An appeal for financial help was made through ‘Social for Action’ for Prarthana Foundation’s project titled ‘Prarthana Balgram’. A hostel for 300 homeless children and elderly people had to be constructed by the Foundation. The appeal received great response. Pravin Masalewale Charitable Trust from Pune extended huge help under its CSR initiatives.

The funds collected have been handed over to Prarthana Foundation. Thanks to ‘Social for Action’ campaign and its various donors, the construction of Prarthana Balgram hostel building has been completed and now work is underway for an old age home. The Foundation needs funds for the same.

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