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Devata Life Foundation works for the children afflicted by cancer

‘Sakal’ Media Group started ‘Social for Action’, a digital platform in the form of a website, to get crowdfunding for the activities of social service organisations working in various fields in Maharashtra. In the course of one year, it helped eight organisation to get funds. One of them is Devata Life Foundation, which was established in 2015 by Kishor Bawne, a social worker from Nagpur, to help cancer patients under the age of 12.

Cancer is the universally feared disease because it doesn’t spare anyone. One can only imagine the condition of the family when one of its young members is afflicted by it. Devata Life Foundation supports such children and their parents, raising awareness, providing appropriate and instant treatment to the patients and building their strength and positive attitude to fight cancer.

The organisation carries out various activities like health check-up camps, distribution of free educational materials, skill development camps for boys during summer vacations and distribution of bicycles to school-going girls. The majority of cancer patients have a constant need for blood. Last year, on Vijayadashami, Devata Life Foundation had organised Vande Mataram Raktadan Mahayagya Rally between October 2 and 15 to create awareness about blood donation in the entire state.

The organisation initially adopted 18 children to treat for cancer. Today, 12 of them are cancer-free. The organsation wants to treat many such children.

Case study

Prachi Dhak was diagnosed with blood cancer. Devata Life Foundation adopted her for treatment when she was 12. She was treated for almost a year and Devata activists who are called Devdoot (angels) were constantly in contact with her even after that. Three years later, there was a relapse. The organisation helped her with treatment yet again. Now Prachi is 18 and living a healthy life.

Devata Life Foundation works on early cancer screening. Its workers reach out to afflicted children and provide them treatment as well as create awareness. These children are assisted by the Devata Life Foundation for each month’s medical, blood, and other medical expenses. The majority of parents come from Nagpur and surrounding rural areas for the treatment of their children.

How ‘Social for Action’ helped

‘Social for Action’ published a story about Devata Life Foundation and made an appeal for funds to treat the 12 children adopted by Devata Life Foundation. Donors responded spontaneously to the call. The collected funds have been handed over to Devata Life Foundation.

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