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Through 'Social for Action' campaign, 19 NGOs have been helped in two and a half years...

'Social for Action' is an online, digital website platform for crowd funding for social activities through 'Sakal Social Foundation'. Through this, efforts are made to bring together philanthropic individuals, organizations and institutions that accept social responsibility (CSR) and solve problems related to school students, schools and citizens in rural areas. Also, a campaign is implemented to provide funds for the social activities of NGOs that are doing good work in Maharashtra. Through this campaign, the campaign of 19 NGOs working in various fields in Maharashtra has been completed in two and a half years. Also, the funds collected through crowd funding are classified to the respective organizations. A review of some of those organizations...

Manav Seva project run by Shri Amrit Vahini Gram Vikas Mandal...

With the help of the police, the homeless, destitute and afflicted mentally ill mothers, sisters and brothers were to be brought, cleaned and provided with food, clothing, shelter and health facilities. Apart from this, searching for their families and rehabilitating them with their families after proper treatment and counseling is being done in the 'Manavseva' project of Arangaon (Mehrabad) of the organization Shri Amritvahini Gram Vikas Mandal. Currently 75 homeless, destitute and mentally challenged persons are being treated in the 'Manavseva' project of the organization. The organization's campaign was implemented through 'Social for Action'. Funds collected through the campaign have been allocated to the organization.

'Jaihind Food Bank' which feeds the hungry

To put two mouthfuls of food in the mouth of the hungry, through the Jaihind Food Bank initiative of like-minded youth who are always striving to ensure that no one dies of hunger and lack of food and water, through the 'Annapurna Foundation' organization, by collecting leftover food from weddings, hotels, family and social events, proper packing of food. It is distributed free of charge to the destitute, homeless and elderly citizens on the streets.

Along with this, twenty-five destitute people in Solapur city are prepared and distributed two meals a day. Over sixty thousand food boxes have been distributed to the needy in the past three years. Also, through the Jaihind Food Bank initiative, food is distributed to 100 people every day through the organization for the relatives of patients in civil hospitals. The organization's campaign was implemented through 'Social for Action'. Funds collected through the campaign have been allocated to the organization.

'Swadhar' for the underprivileged

'Swadhar' IDWC works at the Pune and Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation and Pune District levels, empowering vulnerable women and underprivileged children to become responsible citizens of the society. Through the organization's 'Rage of Hope' project, HI from birth to 18 years of age. HIV infected and affected children are rehabilitated by the institute. Activities such as distribution of food grains (ration kits) and essential items to such children and families, financial assistance for girls' education, health check-up of children and family members, organizing career guidance workshops for children etc. are carried out. The organization's campaign was implemented through 'Social for Action'. Funds collected through the campaign have been allocated to the organization.

Activities of 'Social for Action' Campaign :-


'Act for Education' activity is being implemented for schools through 'Social for Action' campaign. Under this initiative, toilets have been constructed in ten schools so far, and this year thirty five digital e-learning sets have been provided in twenty five schools of Pune Kolhapur district. Apart from this, digital e-learning kits will be distributed to the remaining schools selected for the project.

Cycle Bank Project :-

The 'Cycle Bank Project' is being implemented for the school students of rural and remote areas, especially girls, so that their education should not be incomplete and girls should not have to walk five to six km for their education. This year, 120 students have been distributed bicycles under the 'Cycle Bank Project'.

Aqueduct Project :-

In most of the rural areas, there is no water pipe to the villages or houses, so the people, especially the women, have to fetch water from a distance of two to three kms from a distance of two to three km, carrying water on their heads, for drinking water. The 'Jalvahini' project is being implemented through the 'Social for Action' campaign to provide water to the homes of citizens. Under this initiative, the work of 1900 meters water channel has been completed in Wegre-Mandavkhadak villages of Mulshi taluka of Pune district, and the project work in Bope-Waghamachi villages of Bhor taluka is on the way to completion.

Help do so

Various projects implemented through 'Social for Action' campaign require large amount of funds and public participation. Philanthropic individuals of the society, industrial companies, information-technology companies and companies in various sectors can be helped for various activities under the 'CSR' fund. https://social

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