Empowering Tribal Area Women To Start Their Own Business


Social for action - an online crowdfunding platform that addresses the many challenges of giving. We share stories of (pre-qualified) individuals and groups with a network of its trusted community and partners, who either specialize in providing and supporting the local communities by promoting products or can connect with the cause to help with a donation. Carry out a random act of kindness, with no expectation of reward, safe in the knowledge that one day someone might do the same for you With this thought in mind, we helped Mata Adishakti Samajik Pratishthan ", an NGO working for women's empowerment, employment-oriented skills training and raising the living standards of women and families in the tribal-dominated Sakri taluka of Dhule district. Due to the low literacy rate and low employment among the people of this area, a large number of people migrate to Gujarat with their families in search of employment. With the aim of creating employment opportunities in the village and stopping migration by raising the living standards of the people, a group of like-minded people committed to development in the rural area of Kuruswade in Sakri taluka of Dhule district came together under the leadership of Kiran Jiparu Pawar and founded the NGO 'Samajik Pratishthan' to create a happy, prosperous and strong society, women and children in rural areas of the country need to be literate and employment-oriented. Recognizing this, "Mata Adishakti Samajik Pratishthan" is implementing various initiatives for the empowerment of women and raising the living standards of the people in the rural areas of Sakri taluka and surrounding areas of Dhule district.

The organization has a team of organized members consisting of male and female staff and volunteers who go to the actual village and organize activities. Also, all the schemes are implemented on the advice of local villagers and various groups. All the activities of the organization have the full support and participation of the villagers and women at the village level. As an organization, there are various schemes for women and children to empower women in rural areas and make them skillful and employment-oriented Usha Shilai School Centre as well as establish schools for children, develop integrated skills training centers, etc. The Mata Adishakti Samajik Pratishthan has so far imparted training in tailoring and sewing skills to ten women through the Usha Shilai School. Some of them have started their own tailoring and sewing business. The Usha Shilai School Project was launched in 2011 with the support of 61 leading NGOs in rural areas across India. There are 23,000 (twenty-three thousand) Usha Shilai schools in 28 constituent states and 8 Union Territories of the country. Since 2011, Usha Shilai School Project has been started in 32 districts of Maharashtra in collaboration with Afarm.

The organization needed a large number of funds to provide tailoring and sewing training to the neediest women in Sakri area and rural areas and to provide sewing machines and other materials for women to start their own tailoring and sewing business. We are happy to share Rotary Club Dhule Crossroads has responded to the call for crowdfunding to set up a training unit of 10 sewing machines for women in tribal areas.

Also, Rotary Club has provided free sewing training to needy women in the area for two months through Dhule Crossroads. More and more women should be trained through this training unit and they should be able to start their own businesses. In order to make the machines and other materials available - the organization's 'Usha Shilai School' initiative was called for help by publishing information under the 'Social for Action' initiative of Sakal Social Foundation.

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