Women of Maharashtra Helping Victims Of Violence & Mental Disabilities


Social for action - an online crowdfunding platform that addresses the many challenges of giving. We share stories of (pre-qualified) individuals and groups with a network of its trusted community and partners, who either specialize in providing and supporting the local communities by promoting products or can connect with the cause to help with a donation. Sometimes it takes only one act of kindness and caring to change a person’s life and Maher - an NGO which is a base for orphans and mentally challenged disabled women, provides them with mental support as well as education and vocational training so that they can stand on their own feet and live a proud life in the society.

"Maher" was founded by Sister Lucy Kurien, a senior social worker who grew up in a safe family environment. It took a long time for the organization to reach its full potential, but in 1997, the first house of "Maher" was built in a small village called Vadu-Budruk in Pune. Today, this home has become the main refuge for those in need. "Maher" not only helps the victims of domestic violence but also runs a variety of vocational training programs to help the poor and uneducated become self-reliant. Apart from this, the organization imparts practical training to the villagers in rural areas to make them aware of their rights, duties, and responsibilities in society as well as how all the villagers can come together and stand together against landlords and private moneylenders.

The organization is expanding in other states, including Maharashtra, and was in need of collective support from all levels for the holistic development of all orphans and women who have been victims of violence, rejected by relatives, and women with mental disabilities stand on their own two feet.

Today, we are happy to report a victory for Maher! Lots of funds have been raised for Maher through Sakal Social Foundation's 'Social for Action' crowdfunding platform. Mrinal Pawar, director of the 4th "Sakal Social Foundation" from left, handing over the donation amount collected for the "Maher" organization in the form of a check to the representatives of the "Maher" organization. From left, Vikram Bhujbal, social worker of Maher organization, Shirley Anthony, head of Vatsalyadham project of Maher project, and Gaus Syed, head of HR were present.

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