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Fund raising for Hostel Service and School for under privileged children.

Jivhala Foundation
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Jivhala Foundation

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About the Organization:
Jivhala Foundation- Pune is a Social Services Welfare Organization. It offers Educational opportunities for under privileged students along with residential Hostel facilities for the needy and deserved candidates. The hostel stay, quality education, dining services and educational essentials are free of cost. Currently about 40 girl students are beneficiary of this hostel initiative.

Even if there are umpteen laws to protect women, their problems will never end unless they become financially independent. Adv. Sharvari Muthe, who has been active in the legal field, craved to do something to achieve this objective, and this craving led to the establishment of a multipurpose social organization called Jivhala Foundation in 2015. The organization's goal is to empower women. The women started earning from Jivhala Foundation's vocational initiatives. But they were still concerned about the future of their children. Jivhala established an English-medium school, Anuradha Pre-Primary School, on 20th July 2017. Jivhala founder Adv. Sharvari Muthe visited various localities around the boutique and gathered 20 children. It was unreasonable to expect that families, which struggled for their meals, should have any inclination towards education. So, the priority was to keep in constant touch with the parents to ensure they sent their children to school. It was a big challenge for the teachers to develop a liking for the school among the children. Many girls dropped out of education during the covid pandemic. Jivhala Foundation has established the Late Suresh Muthe Residential Hostel for such girls. The girls are provided free accommodation, education, food, and educational materials. At present, the organization takes care of 35 girls; it will oversee their education up to the 10th standard.

JIVHALA ACTIVITIES: Anuradha Pre Primary School Late Suresh Muthe Residential Hostel for Girls Jivhala Boutique and Women's Self Help Group Women's Counseling Sessions Legal Advice to Women JIVHALA'S FUTURE INITIATIVES: Expansion of Anuradha Pre-Primary School Expansion of Residential Hostel and Facilities Expansion of Sewing Units Financial Assistance for Women's Education

Impact :
Testimonials of how Jivhala had impacted people: 1) Neelima Wadkar (Caretaker): The organization taught me to sew well and neatly. The organization also coached me on how to talk and deal with customers; that has given me confidence. Now, I can teach other women how to sew well. 2) Trupti Pawar (Teacher): I completed the kindergarten teacher's course recently and got a job at the Anuradha Pre-Primary School. The school offered me this job even though I had no experience. The organization has instilled confidence in me. The opportunity provided by the organization has helped me to shoulder my family's responsibility. 3) Sonia Marne (Coordinator): I have been working as a coordinator at the Anuradha Pre-Primary School for the last four years. The organization has taught me how to develop my personality, how to cultivate a sense of service, and how to exercise patience. The organization has made me aware of my existence. I have completed B.Com and, encouraged by the organization, am doing the D.Ed course along with other colleagues. 4) Reshma Panch (Parent): I feel very proud when my children speak in English. I experience great joy when I see my children dancing on the stage with everybody else. 5) Sakina Rampur (Education motivation): I used to drop my daughter off at the Anuradha Pre-Primary School and wait there. One day, Sharvari tai asked me whether I would like to work in the school. My life has transformed after joining the organization. I could complete my education, which I had abandoned midway after the twelfth grade. Now, I am doing the D.Ed course. I feel very proud and happy to be a part of the organization. 6) After the Anuradha Pre-Primary School opened, the sibling pair of Sahil and Kaveri enrolled in the school. Their mother used to bring them to school every day, but the brother and sister would cry and try to run away. The teacher had a hard time chasing them and getting them back. The mother also did not give up. Within a month, Kaveri developed a liking for the school. Sahil took a longer time, but a change came over him. The financial condition of the family was not good. So, Jivhala arranged for Sahil's admission to the first grade. The Anuradha Pre-Primary School has given Sahil's mother a job as a mavshi; incidentally, she was the first student in the adult education classconducted by Jivhala.

Primary Cause :
Girls education in underprivileged and providing hostel facilities for girls from underprivileged backgrounds.

Project Location(s):
Hingne home colony, Karve nagar, Pune

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