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Introducing "Social for Action" - an online crowdfunding platform created by the Sakal Social Foundation of the Sakal Media Group. This digital website aims to bridge the gap between well-functioning NGOs in Maharashtra and socially responsible individuals and institutions by providing a platform to collaborate on citizen-driven social activities.

Moreover, the website also provides financial assistance for patients who require medical attention and surgery, bringing much-needed relief to those who need it the most.

The response to this campaign has been overwhelming, with donors generously contributing towards this noble cause. In just two years, "Social for Action" has successfully completed 14 campaigns providing medical assistance to various voluntary organizations across Maharashtra and four individuals in need. The funds collected through crowdfunding are carefully categorized, ensuring that they are directed towards organizations that make a significant impact in society.?

The Story of A Loving Father-Daughter Duo Whose Love Is Left UNHEARD

The bond between a father and daughter is one of the purest and most magical relationships in the world. It's often said that a daughter is like a treasure chest that holds a piece of her father's heart, right from the day she’s born. A father's love knows no bounds, and no matter the riches he earns, his daughter's smile brings more joy than all the opulence in the world.

But what if a father cannot hear his daughter's voice, nor she, his?

Meet Nitin Sathe, a hardworking man from Solapur who moved to Pune with his family in search of a better life. Nitin may not have had formal education, but he has always been content with his life, working tirelessly to support his family day in and day out.

Like every doting father, when his first daughter Shambavi, was born, Nitin was overjoyed. However, this joy was short-lived. Soon after her birth, the family first was told that baby Shambhavi’s developmental milestones were delayed, and she was later diagnosed with hearing loss. Nitin was devastated, but he refused to give up on his daughter.

Doctors recommended that Shambhavi could only begin hearing after cochlear implant surgery, after which she could be taught to speak with special therapy. Nitin was more than determined to get his daughter’s surgery done as soon as he could gather the money, but alas, that’s when the pandemic struck. With all surgeries postponed for two years, and earning at a standstill, Nitin was left dejected.

Now, at the age of seven, Shambavi needs the surgery, and it costs a whopping seven lakh rupees- a cost Nitin isn’t able to bear despite working long hours every day.

A message from a father desperate to communicate with his princess

Nitin's love for his daughter is evident in his every word. He dreams of a future where Shambavi can speak and listen like other children, go to school, and pursue her dreams without impediments. Nitin is willing to work hard and go out of his way to make this dream for his daughter a reality, but he needs the help of his community.

He is grateful for the donations he's received so far and is hopeful that more people will come forward to support his daughter's surgery. It's heartbreaking to see a beautiful child like Shambavi face such a challenge, so early in life, but with the support of those around her, she can overcome it.

Come forward to help cure Shanbhavi’s hearing disability

Nitin's love and dedication to his daughter are an inspiration to us all. Together, we can make sure that Shambavi hears her father's voice and the world around her, paving the way for a bright and hopeful future for this bright, young girl.

Seven-year-old girl, Shambavi Sathe is in urgent need of collective financial assistance for her medical treatment. To help with her cause, you can find all the necessary information about Shambavi on the 'Social for Action' digital crowdfunding platform, operated by Sakal Media Group.

This website is accessible to community philanthropists, IT companies, CSR organizations, and foreign-Indian citizens who are interested in contributing to Shambavi's treatment.

To know more about Shambhavi and to make your donation, visit

Every donor that donates th
rough our crowdfunding platform will get a donation receipt and a 50% income tax rebate certificate of 80G.

Your support can make a significant difference in Shambavi's life, and your generosity will be greatly appreciated by her and her family. Please visit the 'Social for Action' website to learn more about how you can help.

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