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About the Organization:
The IDEA Foundation was established in 2002 in Pune, Maharashtra, to reduce school dropouts and create opportunities for underprivileged children, youth, and women. The organization took birth from the roots of a Ph.D. study by Dr. Usha Pillai on the reasons why school dropouts among underprivileged children are surging.

IDEA provides remedial classes, awareness programs and sponsorship support for deserving students and also offers vocational courses to increase employability. The organization has grown from a small to medium-sized NGO and currently operates in over 35 communities, reaching 3500 underprivileged individuals annually. In addition to its core programs, IDEA is engaged in 8 ongoing CSR projects and plans to replicate its successful models in numerous urban, rural, and tribal communities in India.

Retaining the interest of newly enrolled children from poor families, especially first-generation learners, in early education is crucial. Building a strong foundation with a clear understanding of basic concepts and promoting regular study habits is important. Unfortunately, many underprivileged children lose interest and perform poorly or drop out of school. To prevent this, co-curricular activities like exposure visits, art & craft, drawing, and activity-based learning should be integrated into education.

The IDEA Foundation was founded by social scientists and social workers who realized that a holistic and individualistic approach is needed to address the issues related to school dropouts and improve education quality. Due to the pandemic, the foundation had to close two study centers, cut staff, and reduce expenses by vacating some centers. However, children in those centers still need support to continue their education, and their only hope is you.

Giving Underprivileged Students Their Right To Quality Education!

The IDEA Foundation operates afterschool study centres in 12 slum communities in Pune to provide remedial education in Maths, Science, and English to underprivileged children.

The foundation also runs 'Learning Centers' for 1st to 4th std. and 'Study Centers' for 5th to 7th std. to improve fundamental learning skills, using Activity Based Learning (ABL) and various educational aids.

Local trainers are employed to create a powerful student-teacher connection, and regular teacher training is provided to understand the special needs of children. School bags and stationery are provided to encourage children to attend. With funding, the foundation aims to reach 100 children in 2 additional slum communities in Pune and bring them into the mainstream of education.

Impact :
The IDEA Foundation's focus on fundamental learning skills in Maths, English, and Science, as well as extra-curricular activities like exposure visits, art & craft, drawing, and sports, will help underprivileged children to develop their unique talents and find learning interesting.

As a result, they will become more regular in school and participate in school activities, improving their assessment scores, attendance, and participation. This will lead to a decrease in drop-out rates and an increase in academic interest and performance, particularly among children with learning differences. Ultimately, the program will help bridge the learning gap and create a brighter future for marginalized children.

Primary Cause :
Quality Education for Underprivileged Students.

Project Location(s):
Lokmanya vasti (Kothrud) and Manjari (Hadapsar) in Pune.

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