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The project needs collective help!

As soon as the word 'HIV' positive is uttered, people's facial expressions change and the fear they feel about the disease is revealed. Since the eighties, various levels of government and organizations have been creating public awareness about HIV. However, misunderstandings about HIV and 'AIDS' disease in the society and discrimination against HIV sufferers are still seen today.

People living with HIV face scorn and discrimination from relatives and society. Apart from this, children born to AIDS sufferers are not accepted by the relatives and society behind their parents. Such innocent children, without any fault of their own, end up living a life of destitution. Food, shelter, medical treatment, education and proper self-reliance of HIV-affected children is very important from the point of view of Nikop society. Recognizing that it is necessary to give the right to live a life like ordinary children and to take care of them with love and belonging for their all-round development, Mangal Shah, a social worker from Pandharpur in Solapur district, and her daughter Dimple Ghadge established 'Prabha Hira Pratishthan' in 2001 on the Pandharpur-Karad road. A project 'Palvi' was started for the care of HIV affected children through an NGO.

In the 'Palvi' project, which started with two children twenty years ago, today more than one hundred and twenty six children have been involved. 'Palvi' project has become a place of rights, love and safety for not only HIV-affected children but HIV-affected young children and women. In the 'Palvi' project, the activities of food, accommodation, medical treatment, education and self-reliance of HIV-affected children are implemented. Today around nine different projects are run through Prabha-Hira Pratishthan. This organization which started with the care of HIV-affected children is expanding and today the organization has taken care of more than five hundred children and made them self-reliant.

Mangaltai and Kanya Dimple had to face numerous difficulties during the initial phase of the 'Palvi' project. Mangaltai faced numerous problems such as accommodation for HIV-affected children, arrangement of food, building for school, daily expenses, medicine and water. But, they did not waver, stubbornly faced all the problems. Twenty one years passed by. With the help of philanthropists in the society, the 'Palvi' project took shape and became a school for children from Kindergarten to 10th in the project. These children are passing 10th with seventy and eighty percent marks. Apart from this, the project has provided vocational training center and medical treatment for children.

In addition to child care, health and education, the organization also provides work stipend to HIV-affected youth by giving them work of their choice. Along with this, the organization provides help to the youth who want to do independent business after taking vocational training. The school in the project has got 100% results in 10th class in the last three consecutive years and these children are now pursuing college education. In order to make HIV-affected youth and women self-reliant, efforts are made by the organization to stand on their own feet through vocational training in sewing, agriculture, plumbing, paper work and other vocational training. The organization has started a Goshala so that children can get healthy food. Along with this, support is given to abandoned, widowed, elderly and mentally ill women on behalf of the organization. After counseling them, they are sent back to their families. So far around 72 people have benefited from this.

Organization needs collective help :-

At present, for the daily expenses of the 'Palvi' nursery project, the cost of breakfast, food, education and medicine of the children is high, and the organization needs collective help from the society. A child's daily expenditure is around two thousand five hundred rupees. Apart from this, the institution has its own three acres of land, in which it is very necessary to set up residential arrangements for five hundred children. By donating two thousand five hundred rupees, you can help the 'Palvi' project, which transforms the lives of HIV-affected children, for the daily expenses of one child.

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Information about the 'Palvi' project will be available on the crowd funding platform 'Social for Action'. Community philanthropists, IT companies, CSR companies and foreign-Indian citizens by visiting the website https://socialforaction.com/ and getting information about the project and various social activities implemented under SocialFor by clicking on the 'Donate Now' button. Can donate directly through the website. Every donor who donates through this crowd funding will get a donation receipt and a 50% income tax rebate certificate of Rs 80.

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