Social For Action is a Maharashtra based not for profit initiative that is conducting special fun-filled events, activities & workshops to mobilize students &
young urban community through our social media platforms to influence, inspire & eventually act & make a better world.


Find a volunteer activity that you are interested in, use your skills and bring a positive change, right here with SFA.


Are you an organization looking for a group commitment? We would love to welcome you to support our causes.

Our Partners


We work to bring positive change in diverse fields such a Health, Education, Environment & Heritage

Indian Classical Music Programs Organised At Temple

Raised: ₹51,000.00 / Goal: ₹1.5 lakh

-261 Days Left

Teamup To Clean Up Forts Cleanliness Drive

Raised: ₹1.73 lakh / Goal: ₹5 lakh

-718 Days Left

Arrive Safe Road Safety Awareness Program

Raised: ₹1.14 lakh / Goal: ₹3.5 lakh

-261 Days Left

Book By Book Educational Material Donation Drive

Raised: ₹3.32 lakh / Goal: ₹4 lakh

-718 Days Left


SFA is inspired by the conviction that volunteerism is a powerful means of
engaging in tackling development challenges worldwide.
Everyone can contribute their time, skills and knowledge through volunteer action.
If you have free will, commitment & want to engage in
Development of a better world, you are welcome to join us


Community Culture Event

Purandar Fort Daulatmangal Fort Cleanliness Drive

When people of our society do not realize the worth of cleanliness because of less awareness our heritage and our...
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Book Club Community

Hawa Mahal Murders – N. J kulkarni

What did you learn when writing the book and what surprised you the most? I learnt that writing a book...
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Teaching Children about Animals with Music

Can you imagine educating children about compassion and peacefully coexisting with all animals in their ecosystem and teaching them about...
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What’s Happening In Present Determines What Historian Selects

In Bengal, there were only 2,000 Britishers, training an army of 2,00,000 sepoys with the money they borrowed from Marwaris....
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Book Club Community

Gypsy Wanderings and Random Reflections

A gynaecologist by profession, and a writer by passion, Dr. Sunil Kaushal launches her book in the city. Gypsy Wanderings...
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